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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Kanakht Werpehti
Nebty Name Tutkhaumitatjenen
Golden Horus Name Sekhemkhepershder(kher)uef
Praenomen Userkhaure-setepenre "Powerful are the Manifestations of Re, Chosen by Re"
Nomen Setnakht, "Seth is Victorious"
King Lists  
Alternate Names Sethnakht, Setnakhte
Dates what's this?
egyptsite 1186-1184
piccione 1185-1182
von beckerath 1186-1183
grimal 1188-1186
malek 1186-1184
redford, drioton 1200-1198
dodson 1187-1185
arnold 1196-1194
Predecessor Tawosret and Chancellor Bay
Successor Son, Ramesses III
Associated People
Father Possibly of son of Ramesses II
Wife Tiy-merenese
Son Ramesses III
Burial Place
Rock-cut tomb at Thebes, Valley of the Kings KV 14 (originally built for Tawosret).
Tomb, KV 14

Sethnakhte is relatively unknown, with only a few written records attesting to his reign. He ruled over a chaotic period in Egypt, after the (possible) reign of Chancellor Bay, an usurper to the throne. Sethnakhte claims to have "Driven out the usurper", and he restored law and order to Egypt. It is possible that he took the throne directly from Tawosret.

He refused to acknowledge the reign of Siptah (if he reigned at all), Tawosret and Chancellor Bay. Instead, he dated his reign from that of Seti II. He is also well-known for usurping the monuments and inscriptions of earlier kings, although he built little himself.

Sethnakhte is buried in Valley of the Kings tomb KV 14, which was originally designed and dug for Tawosret when she held the position of Queen. His own tomb was originally KV11, which was abandoned when it pierced the wall of KV10 and was abandoned. It is believed that this body was found in a coffin in the royal cache in KV 35. The body of an unwrapped man was found in the wooden coffin.



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Tomb KV 14, Valley of the Kings