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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Kanakht Sekhaare
Nebty Name  
Golden Horus Name  
Praenomen Khepermaatre-setepenre "The Justice of Re Abides, Chosen of Re"
Nomen Ramesses Amunherkhepeshef-meryamun, "Born of Re, Amun is his Strenght, Beloved of Amun"
King Lists  
Alternate Names  
Dates what's this?
AEOrg 1112-1100
egyptsite 1108-1099
piccione 1108-1098
von beckerath 1107/03-1103/1099
grimal 1107-1098
malek 1108-1099
redford 1120-1111
dodson `1104-1094
arnold 1112-1100
gardiner 1117-1114
Predecessor Ramesses IX
Successor Ramesses XI
Associated People
Burial Place
Rock cut tomb in Thebes, Valley of the Kings KV 18

Almost nothing is known about Ramesses X except a few brief references in the Temple of Karnak. He ruled for only a few years and during his reign workers went on strike due to lack of wages during his time on the throne.

He left a tome in the Valley of the Kings, KV 18. The tomb is unfinished, and since the tomb has been open since the 18th century, no funerary material is known. The entrance is extremely wide, and the lack of interesting contents (and damage from flooding) made the tomb a good choice for the installation of the electrical lighting equipment for the Valley of the Kings in 1904. The walls were whitewashed and a platform and roofing added.



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Tomb KV 19, Valley of the Kings