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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Kanakht Menmaat
Nebty Name  
Golden Horus Name Userrenputniamtum
Praenomen Usermaatre-sekheperenre "Powerful is the Justice of Re"
Nomen Ramesses Amunherkhepeshef "Born of Re, Amun is his Strength"
King Lists  
Alternate Names  
Dates what's this?
AEOrg 1156-1151
egyptsite 1147-1143
piccione 1145-1141
von beckerath 1145/44-1141
grimal 1148-1144
malek 1147-1143
redford 1160-1156
dodson 1146-1141
arnold 1156-1151
gardiner 1146-1141
Predecessor Father Ramesses IV
Successor Uncle, Ramesses VI
Associated People
Father Ramesses IV
Mother Ta-Opet
Burial Place
Rock cut tomb in Thebes, Valley of the Kings, KV 9
Stele at Gebel Silsila

Despite his well-known name, Ramesses V was not a well-documented pharaoh. He ruled only for a few years; his only attestations are a few small objects with his name found in the Sinai and Western Asia.

We have a few papyri from his reign that describe cases of corruption in he government and general economic affairs. He wasn't a very good administrators and despite keeping open avenues of foreign trade, he did little else that was memorable.

Ramesses V died of smallpox at the age of 35 or so, based on an examination of his mummy. THe mummy -- like many others of this dynasty -- was found in eh royal cache in KV 35 and now rests in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. His tomb, KV 9, was usurped by Ramesses VI. It has been suggested that he started a tomb in the Biban el-Moluk area, but this was unfinished.



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Tomb KV 9, Valley of the Kings
Stela, Gebel Silsila