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Wherein I assume that you are even remotely interested in all of this...

Another travel site? I can't help it. I'm compulsive, at the very least. But then again, the response to my Travels in Scotland site (visit it here, if you're interested -- almost 1100 photos of gorgeous Scotland) was so nice that I can't help but hope that this trip is as interesting to someone.

A few changes, though. The most frequent request from the previous site was "how much did it cost?" and clearer information on the price of things. So, I've included a detailed exposé on what this one is costing us. Don't look if you're squeamish. Trust me.

I've also tried to be more organized, to make the site easier to browse. While the planning and photo sections are still large, the rest is a bit better organized, I hope. I'm open to all suggestions -- send them on if you have them. Here's the gist of it:

  • the plan: notes and ruminations on the early stages of planning the trip as well as some notes on general travel issues in Egypt.
  • itinerary: our itinerary, with links to photos, the travelogue, and historical notes, as well as some alternate itineraries for shorter (or longer!) trips. Includes sites and lists of must-see's.
  • photos: annotated photographs and historic details for the sites we visited. Lots of them. An embarassing amount, actually.
  • travelogue: A day-by-day narrative of the trip (often odd, but linked to photos and other notes). A bit long, and probably best taken in small doses.
  • costs: the details of the expenditures for this trip
  • info: general info, including average temperatures, tourist offices, embassies, and other useful tidbits
  • books: reviews of the many guidebooks that I've bought, and recommendations for those with less of an urge to buy books by the foot.
  • history: condensed cultural and historical information about Egypt and egyptian cities, linked to a complete gazeetter of pharaohs from the first dynasty to the last, all linked to the sites and photos.

Thanks for taking the time to wander through. I hope that you enjoy it!

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