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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Kanakhte Aanakhtu
Nebty Name Userkhepeshhedheefenu
Golden Horus Name Userrenputmitatjenem
Praenomen Nebmaatre-meryamun "Lord of Justice is Re, Beloved of Amun"
Nomen Ramesses Amenherkhepeshef "Born of Re, Father of Amun, God Ruler of Heliopolis"
King Lists  
Alternate Names  
Dates what's this?
AEOrg 1151-1143
egyptsite 1143-1136
piccione 1141-1134
von beckerath 1142/40-1134/32
grimal 1144-1136
malek 1143-1136
redford 1156-1149
dodson 1141-1133
arnold 1151-1143
gardiner 1141-1134
Predecessor Nephew Ramesses V, usurped
Successor Son, Ramesses VII
Associated People
Father Ramesses III
Mother Iset
Brother Ramesses IV
Wife Nubchesbed
Burial Place
Rock cut tomb in Thebes, Valley of the Kings KV 9
Statues in Bubastis, Coptos, Karnak, and Nubia

Ramesses VI took the throne during a time when Egypt was weak politically, economically, and administratively Mining had been abandoned in the traditional areas of Sinai and Wadi Hammamat; the borders of Egypt were smaller. Ramesses VI was very nearly a pharaoh in name only.

He usurped the throne from his nephew. He also usurped the cartouches of previous kings and attempted to have hi name inserted into the king lists in Medinet Habu in an attempt to legitimize his reign and enhance his authority. He did some of his own building -- including adding to the pylon in Memphis, statues in Heliopolis and stela at Karnak. Statues of the king were placed in a number of cities, including Bubastis, Coptos and Tanis.

He was buried in KV9, which he usurped from his nephewRamesses V and enlarged. The tomb was vandalized by thieves -- including destroying the mummy found there. When priests attempted to fix the damage, they simply took a collection of the bones found in the tomb and rewrapped them. The bones belonged to several different bodies and the resulting mummy had to be pinned to a wooden board in order to be reburied.



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Tomb KV 9, Valley of the Kings