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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Kanakht Amenmisut
Nebty Name Mekkemet-wafkhastiu
Golden Horus Name Userrenputmiatum
Praenomen Usermaatre-setpenre-meryamun "Powerful is the Justice of Re, Chosen of Re, Beloved of Amun"
Nomen Ramesses It-amun-netjer-heqa-iunu, "Born of Re, Father of Amun, Ruler of Heliopolis"
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Alternate Names  
Dates what's this?
AEOrg 1143-1136
egyptsite 1136-1129
piccione 1134-1133
von beckerath 1134/32-1126/23
grimal 1136-1128
malek 1136-1129
redford 1149-1141
dodson 1133-1125
arnold 1143-1136
gardiner 1134-??
Predecessor Father Ramesses VI
Successor Cousin Ramesses VIII
Associated People
Father Ramesses VI
Mother Nubchesbed
Burial Place
Rock cut Tomb in Thebes, Valley of the Kings KV 1

Other than his burial place, we know nothing about the seventh Ramesses. He ruled for about seven years, during a period of serious economic hardship. He had no known sons to succeed him.

Tomb KV1 in the Valley of the Kings is attributed to him, although no mummy found in the tomb can be identified as him. The tomb has been open for centuries and contains Greek and Roman graffiti. It was reopened in 1995 after extensive restoration, which restored the tomb to its bright colors. However, it isn't visited much due to the damage of being open for so long.



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Tomb KV 1, Valley of the Kings