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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Kanakht Werpehti
Nebty Name Nekhtkhepesh-der-pedjut
Golden Horus Name Aaneruemtawnebu

Userkheperure Setepenre "Powerful are the Manifestations of Re, Chosen of Re"

Nomen Sety Merenptah "He of the god Seth, Beloved of Ptah"
King Lists  
Alternate Names Sety, Sethy, Sethos
Dates what's this?
AEorg 1199 -- 1193 BCE
piccione 1199 -- 1193 BCE
egyptsite 1200 -- 1194 BCE
von beckerath 1200/1199-1194/93
grimal 1202-1196
malek 1200-1194
redford 1221-1215
dodson 1201-1196
arnold 1214-1204
Predecessor Father Merneptah, possibly half-brother Amenmesse
Successor Son Siptah and regent Tawosret
Associated People
Father Merneptah
MOther Isetnofret
Wives Takhat II, Tawosret, Tiaa
Son Seti-Merenptah, out of Tawosret
Son Siptah, out of Tiaa
Burial Place
Rock cut tomb in Thebes, Valley of the Kings KV 15
Temple at Heliopolis
Added to Karnak
Temple of Mut

Seti I is not as well known as his father and grandfather -- and in fact there appears to be some confusion over the sequence of kings and events that led to his rule and the rule of his successors.

As the eldest son of Marietta, he was the military commander for his father and he reigned only after the brief reign of Amenmesse, his half-brother. Amenmesse may have been a legitimate successor or he may have usurped the throne.

it is assumed that he continued military and political campaigns in Nubia and the Sinai, since his name has been found in inscriptions there.

His tomb is known in the Valley of the Kings, but his mortuary temple has never been found. The tomb cleared by Howard Carter in 2903 and was used as storage during the excavation of Tutankhamun's tomb nearby. Seti II was not found in this tomb -- his mummy was found in KV 35 in the cache of mummies, there, and some believe that he may have been buried in the tomb of his wife, Tawosret instead, and this tomb was hastily finished by Sekhnakht in the next dynasty. THe initial part of the tomb is sunken and raised reliefs, unpainted; the remaining decorations are more crude painted scenes. Seti II's name was carved, then erased, and then recarved in places in the tomb.



Ramesses I
Seti I
Ramesses II
Seti II


Tomb KV 15, Valley of the Kings
Temple at Heliopolis
Temple of Mut