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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Zemtawy
Nebty Name  
Golden Horus Name  
Praenomen Mestuire
Nomen Cambyses
Dates what's this?
reigned 525-522
Predecessor Psamtek III
Successor Darius I
Associated People
Father Cyrus the Great, Founder of the Persian Empire
Burial Place

Cambyses took the throne through war, by defeating the besieged city of Memphis and deposing Psamtek III. He eventually executed the previous pharaoh (along with 2000 other captives) and took control of Egypt in 525 BCE. He continued to war against Nubia and Siwa to the west, but he did not conquer the territory and add it to his empire. Cambyses also held the Persian throne from 530 BCE.

Despite that fact that he was foreign, Cambyses made some attempt to support Egyptian religion. He visited Sais and restored the temple and worship of Neith. However, Herodotus said it was in vain. He oppressed or destroyed many of the other religious traditions in Egypt and -- in a nice turn of literary symbolism -- went mad in the end. Greek traditions have never been sympathetic to the Persians, and as a result, Cambyses is portrayed as evil and cruel.

Cambyses only ruled Egypt directly for a few years. A revolt by his brother Smerdis in Persia called his attention and he left the ruling of Egypt to a satrap of Memphis, Ariandes. Cambyses died on the trip back to Persia in 522 BCE.

It should be noted that while Cambyses claimed control over all Egypt, other regional rulers continued to position themselves as "kings of Egypt" even if they only ruled over a small area. During the time that Ariandes was i control o Egypt, a local egyptian ruler, Pedubastis III Seheruibre, revolted against the satrap. His name is preserved on scarabs and seals and is presented with the titles of royalty.



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