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Titulary what's this?
Nomen Darius
Manetho Dareois Deuteros
Dates what's this?
von beckerath 424-405/4
dodson 423-405
Predecessor Sogdianus, half brother
Successor Artaxerxes II
Associated People
Father Artaxerxes I
Brother Xerxes II
Brother Sogdianus
Sister/Wife Parysatis (half sister)
Son Cyrus (the Younger)
Son Artaxerxes II Memnon
Burial Place

The third son of Artaxerxes to take the throne, he ascended to power after Sogdianus, although hit is not know how his half-brother was removed. Given the history betweenSogdianus and Xerxes II and the other kings of this dynasty, it is likely that he was killed or executed.

Artaxerxes II paid a bit more attention to Egypt, including some building projects in the Kharga Oasis (a temple to Amun), but he still ruled over a country with a large foreign population of Jews and Greeks, and his rule suffered for it. Most of his efforts were still focused overseas and he eventually entered into an alliance with Sparta to prosecute a wa against Athens. He ordered his satraps in Asia Minor to send their overdue tribute, and when they refused, he sent his son, Cyrus, to force their hand.

Internally, local rulers stages another uprising in 414 BCE led by Amyrtaois.

He quelled a rebellion in 409 BCE from the Medes, and in 410 BCE the temples under his care were robbed. Darius II died in 404 BCE with only a tiny bit of his namesake's power.




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