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Cº Westmeath
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travelogue, 5.19
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The church with the Stone No Man Could Lift

The stone church here has an enormous lintel stone over the door, with a greek cross on it, and the legend is that it is too large to raise by hand, so St. Fechin's prayers raised it into place. I was mobbed by the herd of cows in the field while we wandered around here -- they just started following me in a group, and every time I stopped, they edged nearer. I was Queen of the Cows for about half an hour, then they got spooked and took off down the hill.

The chapel with the Anchorite in Stone

The Anchorite's cell is merely a small room where a hermit lived until the 17th century. It's inside the chapel on the hill (which is locked -- the key is available from someone in town at the pub). The path heads back up over the hill, and provides a good view of the town. The Water that runs uphill is an optical illusion. The river flowing out of Lough Lene at the head of the valley appears to be running upwards because of the way the ground and hills are tilted.

View of Fore from the top of the hill

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