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Sligo Abbey

Cº Sligo
OS Grid:R
Heritage site
Jun-Sep 0930-1830

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Heritage Ireland
Sligo Town

ornate columns in the cloister walk

When Queen Elizabeth was supressing the monasteries in Ireland in the 16th century, Sligo was not dissolved -- they petitioned to be allowed to remain, as long as the monks became secular clergy. I"m not sure how that works, as the definition of "clergy" seems to imply non-secular, right?

the inner courtyard is well preserved

The church it very well preserved, with the side aisle and south transept in place. There are eight tall windows in the choir, which isthe oldest part of the church, dating back to the 13th century. Also from this period are the remains of the sacristy and the chapter house near the cloister. The cloister, though, is actually from the 15th century. The alter is a later addition (15th century) and the tower probably dates from the same period. The stone arches separating the parts of the church (called a rood screen -- to separate the monks from the laity) dates from the 15th century, and it is quite unusual to see one still standing. Usually, they were ornate wood screens. Finally, the transept was added in the 16th century.

carvings on the high altar

The alter is quite interesting -- and unique, according to our guide. It is the only remaining High Altar in Ireland.It is covered in carvings of grapes and vines. It is up against the east wall of the church.

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st audoens church
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