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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Hunu
Nebty Name  
Golden Horus Name  
Praenomen Iuaenpanetjernetinehm "The Heir of the Savior God" Setepenptah "Chosen of Ptah" Irimaatre "Who Brings Forth the Order of RE" "Heir of the God that Saves, Chosen of Ptah Carrying out the Rule of Re, Living image of Amun"
Nomen Ptolemaios / Kaisaros (Caesar) "Ptolemy called Caesar"
Dates what's this?
reigned 44 - 30 BCE co-regent with Cleopatra VII
Predecessor Ptolemy XIV and Cleopatra VII
Successor Roman Emperors
Associated People
Father Julius Caesar
MOther Cleopatra VII
Burial Place
probably Alexandria

Ptolemy XV never ruled on his own, he was only a convenience for his mother, Cleopatra VII to remain on the throne -- he was coregent when he was only three years old.

He was murdered by Augustus.



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