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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Werehtinesuqeni
Nebty Name Itjiemsekhem(ef ?)emheqatjel
Golden Horus Name  
Praenomen Setepenra-meryamun "Chosen of Re, Beloved of Amun"
Nomen Ptolemy
Alternate Names Ptolemaios
Dates what's this?
reigned 323 -- 285 BCE
Predecessor Alexander IV
Successor son, Ptolemy II Philadelphus
Associated People
Father Lagus, advisor to Alexander the Great
Mother Arsinoe
Daughters Arsinoe out of Berenice I, Philotera
Son Ptolemy II
Wives Thais, Artakama, Lamia
Wife Eurydice, daughter of Antipater
Wife/half-sister Berenice, niece of Eurydice
Brother Seleukos
Brother Menelaos
Burial Place
Temple of Kom Abu Billo, dedicated to Hathor

Ptolemy I Soter was the son of Lagos, an advisor to Alexander the Great and was the first pharaoh of the well-known Ptolemy dynasty. He was a veteran soldier and accomplished commander. Ptolemy I ruled first as a governor for the kings of Macedon, then from about 305 BCE he ruled as the king in Egypt (hence the two sets of dates).

Ptolemy I was the first of the Ptolemaic dynasty, which lasted almost 300 years. He was a very businesslike pharaoh, running the conquered country for profit once he received Egypt as part of the spoils of war after the death of Alexander. He managed to keep control of the country despite the continuing warfare. In addition to setting the foundation of the dynasty, he continued to enhance the reputation and power of Alexandria by founding the library there.

He married Eurydice, the daughter of Antipater in Rome, to strengthen his position, but he eventually married his half-sister, her niece, Berenice.

Ptolemy I was a superb administrator (despite his warlike ways). He standardized the monetary system in Egypt and re-invigorated the economy. He began many building projects, including temples in Terenutis, Tebtynus, Oxryrnchos, and Tuna el-Gebel. In Alexandria, his home city, he built a temple to Serapis and the foundations for the Museion. [image: British Museum]



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Temple of Kom Abu Billo