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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Wernebneferu akhetzeh

Epithet: Netjer-et Merites "Goddess, Beloved of her Father"

Nomen Cleopatra
Dates what's this?
born 69 BCE in Alexandria
reigned co-regent Ptolemy XIII 51 - 47 BCE
reigned co-regent Ptolemy XIV 47 - 44 BCE
reigned co-regent Ptolemy XV Ceasarion 44 - 30 BCE
Predecessor Father Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysus
Successor Roman Empire
Associated People
Father Ptolemy XII Aueletes
Brother Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV
Sisters Cleopatra VI and Berenice VI
Sister Arsinoe IV
Son Ptolemy Caesar (out of Julius Caesar)
Consort Ptolemy XIV
Son Ptolemy Philadelphus (out of Marc Antony)
Daughter Cleopatra Selene (out of Marc Antony)
Burial Place

Cleopatra VI died as a child. Sister Berenice was beheaded by her father. Assassinated Ptolemy XIV and sister Arsinoe IV.

This is the Cleopatra of legend -- she who ruled Egypt and Rome, lured Caesar and Marc Antony into her bed. This is the great beauty, the politician, the queen that we know. She is also the last of the Ptolemaic dynasty and after her death, Egypt was subsumed into the Roman empire.

Of course, she never actually ruled by herself -- a women simply couldn't be the queen without a consort, and so she ruled as co-regent with her brothers, and then her son. Still, it is clear that she was the power in Egypt during this time. She ruled with her brothers , first Ptolemy XIII then Ptolemy XIV and finally with her son by Caesar, Ptolemy XV Cesarion.

SHe was defeated along with Marc Antony at the battle of Actium and killed herself following her lover's suicide. Octavian, the Roman emperor, had her son murdered.




Ptolemy I Soter
Ptolemy II Philadelphus
Ptolemy III Euergeter
Ptolemy IV Philopater
Ptolemy V Epiphanes
Cleopatra I
Ptolemy Eupator
Ptolemy VI Philometor
Cleopatra II
Ptolemy VII Neos Philpator
Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II
Cleopatra III & Ptolemy IX Soter II
Cleopatra III & Ptolemy X Alexander
Cleopatra Berenice
Ptolemy XI Alexander
Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos
Berenice IV
Cleopatra VII
Cleopatra VII & Ptolemy XIII
Cleopatra VII & Ptolemy XIV
Ptolemy XV Cesarion