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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Netjeriemkhet Khnumsuhepankhhermeskhenet Hununefer Benermerut Sekhaensumutefhernesetitef Tjemaa Hukhasut Itjemsekhemef-mirepesedjefemakhet
Nebty Name Sehertawy Kanakht Sekhemeheh
Golden Horus Name Aaib Merynetjeru Itybaqet Heqawadjty aqeftameriemhetep
Praenomen :Setepenptah "Chosen of Ptah" Irimaatre "Who Brings For the Order of Re"
Nomen Ptolemaios djedenef-Aleksandros (ankhdjet-meryptah)
Dates what's this?
reigned 110 -- 100 BCE with Cleopatra III
reigned 107 -- 88 BCE
Predecessor Brother Ptolemy IX Soter II and Cleopatra III
Successor Cleopatra Berenice, his niece
Associated People
Father Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II Physcon
Mother Cleopatra III
Sister Cleopatra IV, Cleopatra Selene
Brother Ptolemy IX Soter II
Wife Cleopatra Berenice, daughter of Ptolemy IX
Burial Place

Like his older brother, Ptolemy IX Soter II, Ptolemy II Alexander I ruled as a co-regent with his mother Cleopatra III. She had always been her first choice (when Ptolemy VIII died, he left the throne to his wife and whichever son she chose). When the people of Alexander demanded her older son, Soter II be recalled from Cyprus to rule Egypt, Cleopatra accused him of trying to kill her and had him banished so that she could install her younger, favorite son in his place.

But, Cleopatra III was a fickle woman and she tired of sharing the throne with him, as well, and forced him to flee Alexandria. He returned in 101 BCE under the pretense of reconciliation, but in reality it was a way to get closer to her an have her assassinated. Of course, he was driven out of Egypt entirely after he sold the gold coffin of Alexander the Great to raise money. To raise even more money, he bequeathed Egypt to Rome (obviously they couldn't collect while he still lived), but it gave him the resources to raise a navy and curry the favor of the moneylenders in Rome.

Ptolemy eventually tired if his mother's intrigue and had her murdered in 102 BC, after which he ruled Egypt alone -- or perhaps as a coregent with his niece/wife, Cleopatra Berenice.

Ptolemy was killed in a naval battle in Cyprus and his niece, Cleopatra Berenice, was ruler on her own until the Romans had her killed.



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