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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Kanakht Mery-Maat/Khaemwaset
Nebty Name Zemapeseshtimizaiset
Golden Horus Name Werpehti huimentiu
Praenomen Usermaatre Setepenamun "Powerful is the justice of Re, Chose of Amun"
Nomen Osorkon
Dates what's this?
egyptsite 883-855
piccione 890-860
von beckerath 875-838
grimal, arnold 874-850
redford 873-844
dodson 877-838
Predecessor Sheshonq II or Takelot I
Successor Son Sheshonq III
Associated People
Father Takelot I
Mother Kapes
Son Nimlot C, High Priest
Son Takelot II
Wife Karomama I
Son Harnakhte, HIgh Priest of Amun at Tanis
Burial Place
Tomb in Tanis, NRT 1

Temple at Bubastis
Built at Memphis, Tanis, Thebes, Leontpolis


Osorkon II was the son of Takelot by Queen Kapes. His sons include a high priest of Amun and Takelot II who would be pharaoh. Politically, he continued to maintain pressure on Palestine and fend of threats from the Assyrians. However, Osorkon II was the last pharaoh of the 22nd Dynasty who ruled over a unified Egypt. AFter his reign, Egypt was divided into smaller kingdoms, each ruled over by one of the kings in the remaining part of the 22nd Dynasty.

His building projects included a temple in Bubastis dedicated to the goddess Bastet, and temples and chapels in other Delta towns, including Leontopolis. In his twenty-second year on the throne, he celebrated his Sed festival and decorated the granite gateway in Bubastis with scenes from the festival. Inscriptions in Karnak from his reign mention that there was excessive flooding of the Nile, and that "all the temples of Thebes were like marshes".

His tomb was found in Tanis in the Temple of Amen in 1939. The tomb was formed of large stones with several internal chambers. Buried inside were the remains of several pharaohs, including Takelot II.



Sheshonq I
Nimlot I
Osorkon I
Sheshonq II
Osorkon II
Takelot II
Sheshonq III
Sheshonq V
Osorkon IV


Temple at Bubastis
Temple of Amun, Tanis