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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name unknown
Nebty Name unknown
Golden Horus Name unknown
Praenomen Heqakheperre "The Manifestations of Re Rules"
Nomen Shesh(onq) Meryamun "Beloved of Amun"
Dates what's this?
egyptsite ??-883
piccione 904
von beckerath 877-875
grimal 890-889
dodson 895
Predecessor Osorkon I, possibly co-regent
Successor Takelot I
Associated People
Father Osorkon I
Mother Maatkare, daughter of Psusennes
Brother Takelot I
Son Harsiese
Burial Place
Possibly Tanis

Sheshonq II ruled for only a year or so, and probably as a co-regent with his father Osorkon I. He was originally in the position of High Priest of Amun, but was nominated as co-regent and had his name inscribed in a cartouche with all the titles of pharaoh.

He died early, however, and was succeeded by his step-brother Takelot I.

His tomb has not been found, although his mummy was found in the tomb of Psusennes in Tanis along with his burial treasure -- a gold mask, silver sarcophagus, amulets, and other precious objects.




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