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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Kanakhte Mestiure
Nebty Name  
Golden Horus Name  
Praenomen Usermaatre Setepenre "Powerful is the Justice of Re, Chosen fo Re"
Nomen Sheshonq
Dates what's this?
egyptsite, piccione 835-783
von beckerath 837-785
grimal, arnold 825-773
redford 819-767
dodson 838-798
Predecessor Takelot II
Successor Pami
Associated People
Father Takelot II
Mother Karoma II
Burial Place

Sheshonq ruled for around fifty-two years, an exceptionally long period of time for the kings in the Third Intermediate Period, which was marked by overlapping reigns and shared power. Sheshonq III accepted the 23rd Dynasty king, Pedibasted I, as an equal king in Egypt and they divided the country between them. At the same time, rulers of both the 22nd Dynasty and 23rd Dynasty were ruling in Central Egypt, and the delta also split into several principalities.

A famine is recorded in the 49th year of his reign, but little else is recorded about him.

His tomb was found in Tanis and is similar to that of Psusennes I and Osorkon II.



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