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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Kanakhtemawyamen Userfau Sekhaemwaset
Nebty Name Wermenuemipetsut
Golden Horus Name Zemakheperu-derpedjetpesdjet
Praenomen Aakheperre "Great are the Manifestations of Re"
Nomen Pasebakhenniut "The Star that Appears in the City"
Manetho Psusennes
King Lists  
Alternate Names Pasebackhenniut
Dates what's this?
egyptsite, piccione 1040-992
von beckerath 1044/43-994/3
grimal 1039-993
malek, arnold 1039-991
redford 1055-1004
dodson 1034-981
Predecessor Brother, Amenemnisu
Co-Regent with Amenemnisu
Associated People
Father Pinodjem I
Mother Henuttaiu
WIfe/Sister Queen Mutnojme
Burial Place
Tomb in Tanis

Psusennes began his reign by relocating many of the monuments from the Rammeside capitol of Per-ramesses to the new capitol at Tanis.

Psusennes was buried in an intact tomb in Tanis which also contained a second chamber for his sister/wife. Later, Amenemope's mummy was also placed here, which leads many to believe that this may have been a cache for the mummies of the 21st dynasty.

A sarcophagus containing an "old man" was found in the tomb. The outer sarcophagus, made of pink granite, may have belonged originally to Merneptah. Many treasures were found in the tomb.



Pinodjem I
Osorkon I
Pinodjem II