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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Kanakht Meryre Suseramunkhepesheferseqaimaat
Nebty Name Sekhempehti Hureqiufbehatuf Hepetem...
Golden Horus Name ...khesefdenden
Praenomen Hedjkheperre-setpenre "Bright is the Manifestation of Re, Chosen of Re"
Nomen Nesbanebdjed "He of the Ram, the Lord of Mendes"
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Alternate Names  
Dates what's this?
manetho reigned 26 years
egyptsite, piccione 1070-1044
van beckerath 1070/69-1044/43
grimal, malek, arnold 1069-1043
redford 1081-1055
dodson 1064-1038
Predecessor Ramesses XI and Herihor
Successor Son, Amenemnisu
Associated People
Wife Tentamen, daughter of Ramesses XI
Burial Place
probably Tanis

Smendes ruled part of Egypt at the same time as Herihor, a high priest of Amun in Thebes, and Ramesses XI. It is possible that Smendes was responsible for keeping Ramesses XI in seclusion during the latter part of his reign. Smendes had no connection to the royal family, and hence no true claim to the throne. He was a military leader under the previous pharaoh who retained power in the upheaval at the end of the 20th dynasty. He was vizier for at least part of the reign of Ramesses XI.

He may have become son-in-law to the pharaoh by marrying Tentamen, which might give him some claim to the throne. He ruled for about 26 years, until the role of pharaoh was seriously challenged by the high priests of Thebes. THere is much evidence to suggest that the two leaders -- Herihor and Smendes -- split up rule of the country by agreement. Their families continues to be linked until the country was effectively reunited by Sheshonq I, founder of the 22nd Dynasty



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