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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Weserpehti
Nebty Name Wesepehti
Golden Horus Name Werbiaut
Praenomen Aakheperre "Great is the Manifestation of Re"
Nomen Sheshonq
Dates what's this?
egyptsite, piccione 773-735
von beckerath 774-735
grimal, arnold 767-730
redford 763-725
dodson 780--743
Predecessor Father Pami
Successor Pedibastet II, possibly
Associated People
Father Pami
Burial Place
Possibly Tanis

Sheshonq V (and let me interject here that I got conpletely confused with the numbering of the Shoshenqs...some of the chronologies have this one as V, others as IV.) was the son of Pami. The only information we have about him is from a stela at the Serapeum. He probably ruled concurrently with iings in the 23rd Dynasty and the high priests in Thebes. It is very likely that he was a high priest of Amun at Tanis.

During his reign, Assyrians took Damascus and moved into northern Israel. BY this time, the Egyptian military had joined forced with Damascus and Israel and attempted to resist the Assyrian invaders.



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