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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Kanakht Meryre Rediensuatumhernesetefergeregtawy
Nebty Name Saakheperu-werbiaut
Golden Horus Name Nakhtkhepesh Derpedjetpesdjet
Praenomen Sekhemkheperre "Powerful are the Manifestations of Re"
Nomen Osorkon
Dates what's this?
egyptsite 924-909
piccione 916-904
von beckerath 925/24-890
grimal, arnold 924-889
redford 910-896
dodson 927-892
Predecessor Father, Sheshonq I
Successor Sheshonq II
Associated People
Father Sheshonq I
Wife Karome I
Son Takelot
Son Sheshonq, High Priest
Son Ewelot, High Priest
Son Smendes
Wife Maatkara
Burial Place
Possibly Tanis

Osorkon ruled for a long time during this period, and his reign was marked by economic stability. He continued to rule a united Egypt, and also continued the scheme of his father to consolidate political power within the royal family. THree of his sons held power in Thebes as High Priest of Amun. He may also have been co-regent with Sheshonq II before his ton Takelot took the throne.

Also during his reign, the role of "Divine Adorer of Amun" , the highest-ranking woman priest of Amun, was initiated in Thebes.

Osorkon is responsible for building in Bubastis, Memphis, Atfih, El-Hibe, and Abydos, although little else remains from his reign.



Sheshonq I
Nimlot I
Osorkon I
Sheshonq II
Osorkon II
Takelot II
Sheshonq III
Sheshonq V
Osorkon IV