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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Khamewaset
Nebty Name  
Golden Horus Name  
Praenomen Hedjkheperre "Bright is the Manifestation of Re, Chosen of Re"
Nomen Horsiese "Horus, Son of Isis"
Dates what's this?
grimal 874-870 as high-priest
870-860 as pharaoh
dodson 867-857
egyptsite 870-850
Predecessor unknown
Successor unknown
Associated People
Father Shoshenq II
Burial Place
Medinet Habu

Horsiese is the only pharaoh in the 22nd Dynasty in Upper Egypt. He ruled concurrently with the rest of the 22nd Dynasty in the rest of the country.

He was appointed HIgh Priest of Amun at Karnak by his cousin Osorkon II and during the years of Osorkon's reign, Horsiese took control of the South and declared himself pharaoh. It is posslbe that he inherited the throne from his father, Shoshenq II, but the dates are unclear. As the defacto leader of Egypt, Horsiese placed his son on the Theban throne as High Priest of Amon.

He is buried In Medinet Habu, where a few burial treasures were found (canopic jars, ushabti figures) and the king's skull was found. THere is a hole in the skull which may indicate the the pharaoh was a patient of trepanation (boring a hole in the skull to treat disease), or, possibly, a healed injury.




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