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travelogue, 5.05
Dunbrody Ship
Tall Ships

looking up the rigging of the main mast

THe ship is the last stages of refitting to be the Parade Ship for the Tall Ships Races in 2005 (July). The cargo holds were closed when we went, but the multi-media bit (including lists of all passengers on the Dunbrody) are available. We also go to poke around a bit on the desk where they are working on everything. Mark was fascinated.

Most of the ship is being restored and spiffed

The tickets to the ship are in the form of actual passenger tickets, including names, prices, and dates. My ticket is for the sailin gon March 18th, 1849, for the sum of 9 pounds, 15 shillings. for three people. This is passage in steerage.

The woman who protrayed one of the steerage passangers was a hoot -- she launched into an obviously well-practiced solilquy. It was immediately apparent that she was a singer, as the whole thing was expressively set to some internal rhythm that was quite memorable.

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