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travelogue, 5.23

Identical estate houses near Kinsale

Ok, we spent an hour in the car trying to figure out the nomenclature for houses in Ireland (kn the UK in general, I tink) -- bungalow, council house, detached, semi-detached, villa, estate...what in the heck does this mean? On nearly every single road, someone was building something -- usually these big developments with curving streets and...IDENTICAL HOUSES.

And I don't mean, they were sort-of alike...I alike. Perhaps the door color was different, but there were a few places where even that was EXACTLY THE SAME. The only difference was the house number. So, when we were driving around Kinsale and saw this much-advertised group of "estate houses", we had to stop and take apicture. THese are big houses, ery nice, with nice yards. And they are ALL THE SAME. It was realy kind of funny to us -- even in our standard developments, there are four or five styles of houses repeated in the, the houses are all the same style. The only reason I can think of it is the stereotypical compulsion of the the British to have things orderly - and more importantly, ranked. If all the houses are the same, you know you have just the smae as your neighbor. NO worrying that their bathroom is more luxurious, or that you'll be the laughingstock of the neighborhood.

Given that we live in a neighborhood where no two houses are alike (few are even remotely similiar), it was an odd sight, hence the pictures.

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