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Cº Antrim
nr. Ballintoy
Mar-Sep 1000-1800
Jul/Aug 1000-2000

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Rope Bridge
National Trust

the coast of antrim on a perfect spring day

The Antrim coast here is absolutely stunning, the water is clear and the cliffs drop dwon to the sea in dizzying heights. There is a 12 miles pathway along the seacoast here that leads all the way to the Giant's Causeway. Ifyou want to walk the whole way, head back to the car park after you cross the bridge and keep right on going.

small rocky islands off the coast, from one of the viewing stops

Along this stretch of coast you can also find Dunluce Castle, Dunseverick Castle, the Giant's Causeway, and the Bushmill's Distillery. It's frequented by tour busses, so try to time your visit between the disgorgements of tourists.

it's obvious that the sea is hard on these cliffs

The day we visited was absolutely perfect (it not a little warm). The little Carrick island is really no more than a stack of basalt rock thrusting up from the shore and topped with a tuffet of grass. There are a few birds nesting here, but mostly the view is beautiful and withe flowers blooming, it's a nice place to lounge about for a while

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castletown house
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