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Abbeyderg Abbwy

Cº Longford
nr. Abbeylara


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the tiny church in the graveyard

The Augustinian monastery of Abbeyderg was founded in the 13th century by Gormgall O'Quinn, it is listed in many history books as Mainistir Dearg, or the Red Monastery. The monastery was occupied by the Canon Regulars of St. Augustine, and was dedicated to St. Peter.

There isn't a lot of information about the ruins here -- indeed, they aren't listed in any of the guidebooks and we found them only because of a small sign off a secondary (or tertiary) farm road. The attraction here is the cemetary, with stones that date back to the mid-1700s. Most of them are jumbled among the rocks and overgrowth of grass.

stones and graves jumbled in the graveyeard

However, like the rest of the monasteries and churches in Ireland, Abberderg was "supressed" and, in effect, destroyed. No one was allowed to be buried in the churchyard, the relics and treasures of the monastery were taken and destroyed. Not much remains in the churchyard, certianly not enough to make this look like the grounds of a monastery (or at least not what we've been seeing elsewhere.But the churchyard is calm and green, and the paths around inside the walls (which are being repaired) are a relaxing walk.

The monastery was destroyed in 1567. The remains of Maiolin O'Mulgonry, who has been described as Chief Ollamh and poet of Ireland were buried here.

one of the impressive stone monuments at Abbeyderg



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