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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Kkhaemwaset Seshemtawy
Nebty Name Merymaat Sahperunetjeru
Golden Horus Name Khubaqet Wafkhasut
Praenomen Irimaatenre, "Carrying out the Justice of Re"
Nomen Djedher Setep-en-inhur, "Horus Says [he will live], Chosen of Unuris"
Manetho Teos
King Lists  
Alternate Names Djedher, Djedhor, Takhos
Dates what's this?
von beckerath 364/62-360
grimal, dodson 362-360
arnold 361/60-359/58
Predecessor Father, Nectanebo
Successor Nephew, Nectanebo II
Associated People
father Nectanebo I
Burial Place
unknown. Possibly Sebennytos.

The son and successor of Nectanebo, Teos took over the throne when his father died and continued the taxes that his father had imposed to support the military -- he even increased them. As soon as he took over, he planned an attack on the Persians (despite the fact that they had withdrawn during his father's reign). In order to pay for his plans, he confiscated money from temple treasuries, earning him the enmity of the clergy.

While he did lead a successful campaign against Syria, his attack on the persians was a fiasco from the start. While he had the help of mercenaries from Greece, his own generals disagreed with him. He was eventually abandoned by the Greek mercenaries as well as his own military and fled to Persia where Artaxerxes (his erstwhile opponent) too him in and granted him asylum.

His brother, a regent in Egypt, took control and declared his own son Nectanebo II pharaoh.

Teos died in Persia.



Nectanebo I
Nectanebo II