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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Tjemaa
Nebty Name Semenkhtawy
Golden Horus Name Jrimerertnetjeru
Praenomen Kheperkare, "The Soul of Re Manifests"
Nomen Nakhtnebef, "Strong is his Lord"
Manetho Nectanebis, Nectenebis
King Lists  
Alternate Names Nakhtnefeb, Nectanebo
Dates what's this?
von beckerath, grimal, dodson 380-362
arnold 379/80-361/60
Predecessor Nepherites II, Dynasty 29
Successor Teos (Djedjer)
Associated People
Son Teos
Burial Place
Temple at Philae, others

Nectanebo, who is usually known by his Greek name instead of his Egyptian one (Nakhtnebef) was the first ruler of the 30th Dynasty. He was a general from Sebennytus and may have been related to the family of his predecessor, Nepherites II. The thirtieth dynasty is considered the last true Egyptian dynasty (i is followed by the Persian Kings and the thoroughly greek Ptolemaic dynasty).

He defended Egypt against the Persian army in about 373 BCE -- although it was the flooding of the Nile that mostly took care of the attackers. They reached the mouth of the nile in the Delta and the two commanders of the Persian forces (including Artaxerxes) could not agree on a strategy to attack Egypt. They procrastinated until the Nile rose and flooded the Delta, which caused them to rethink their plans entirely and withdraw. Even though they never met militarily, the persian threat was neutralized and Nectanebo ruled over a peaceful Egypt.

He did, however, attempt to conquer Syria and imposed taxes on the Egyptian people to support his war. He did resolve a treaty with the Greeks in Athens, and the mercenaries under the Greek chieftain Khabias remained to protect Egypt. After a time, however, they returned to Athens, which was when the Persian forces attempted to attack.

He began enormous building projects all over Egypt, and is well-remembered for his building achievements.



Nectanebo I
Nectanebo II


Temple, Philae