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The object of Cainnt Scoile is to endeavor to bring teacher and pupil into direct communication in the course of the school work through the medium of Irish. This series of lessons was originally compiled for user in the author's own Irish Clases, as he had found from experience that the pupils, in many instances, failed to make use of isolated phrases, no matter how well they knew them, unless the question to which they were an answer or the tatements to which they were a reploy were taught at the same time.

The plan adopted was this. The phrases or sentences were first taught orally. These were then written on the blackboard and thoroughly explained—analysed and parsed as it were—constant use being made afterwards, when the opportunity arose, of the phrases and sentences so learned.

The other school subjects will be dealt with in Part II., which is in course of preparation. In the meantim, the author would be glad to have suggetsions from teachers and others interested in the spread of the language, with regard to any improvements which they condier should be made in these lessons.

Tomás Ó hAodha

18 Lower Sherrard Strett,
Dublin, July, 1904



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Cainnt Scoile (School Talk) - Hayes- 1904
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