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Nancy Stensons Workbook

Exercises and answers for the first 30 lessons of Learning Irish by Michael O'Siadhail. Retrieved and reformatted from the Internet Archives and GAELIC-L archives.

Sounds of Irish mp3 files of the sounds of NorthwesternDonegal Irish, from Lughaidh Ó hEacháin, including a comprehensive reference chart.

1894 Simple Lessons in Irish1894:The Gaelic League Series, Simple Lessons in Irish by Rev. Eugene O'Growney, M. R. I. A.. FIrst published in 1894, this series of three books contains 140 lessons, in their original format.

1904 Irish Phonetics1904: In-depth description of the pronunciation of Irish, circa 1904 by Rev. M. O'Flanagan.

1902 Book of Irish Teaching1902: Guidebook on the teaching of Irish using reptition, rote, and "series" of Irish sentences. All the rage for teaching style in 1902.

1842 Irish Grammar - Mason1842: A "compilation" grammar by Mason, based on other authorities - despite criticisms of his earlier work, this is the second edition, complete with whining about feedback!

Grammar of Modern Irish1860: An even earlier 'modern grammar' from Wright, in 3 parts: orthography, etymology, and syntax. Complete,,but the rules have changed a bit in the last 150 years.

Cainnt Scoil1904: A conversation book geared to Elementary School students, with Irish-English translations of common school conversations. Interesting!

Irish from a BeginnerJust the basics, how to pronounce it and all those bizarre letter combinations. A simple grammar and links to online resources for the beginner.