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Learning Irish by Micheal O'Siadhail has been one of the primary text for...well, learning Irish Gaelic since it was published in 1980. It is used as a textbook by thousands of students (I would say millions, but not that many people actually speak Irish Gaelic). Nancy Stenson, a professor at the University of Minnesota, has put together an extensive set of exercises and worksheets for the first thirty lessons of Learning Irish.

She has graciously given me permission to publish them here.

I did not write any of the content in this section of the site. All content in the Nancy Stenson's Workbooks pages belongs to Dr. Nancy Stenson and I have done nothing with them except a bit of formatting to rescue them from the non-fada gobbledegook that the archives and text format have left them in.

Typos or other errors

Dr. Stenson has let me know that there may still be typos in the exercises and answers. Some have been corrected, but if you come across an error, please let me know!

Download the files (MS Word, .zip format)

The following pages have the lessons and answers in HTML format -- no pretty interactive bits yet, but be patient! -- but if you would like the whole thing in a MS Word document, you can grab the .zip file below.

And for those of you who actually wanted the answers , too, here's a word doc with the answers for each of the exercises in the document above. There are a few that are missing -- I was unable to find these either in the archives or on GAELIC-L. It's posible that they were never posted, but if you have a copy or know where they might be, let me know.

Nancy Stenson's Workbooks - Learning Irish

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