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Shelf list

THE shelf list is a card record showing the books in class or numerical order as they stand on the shelves, and alphabetized in each class by the author's surname.

It is useful for maintaining uniformity in classification; it prevents duplication of book numbers when they are used ; it is an aid in buying, as it shows what works the library has in each class ; and it may be used in taking an inventory. Shelf cards for children's books should be kept in a separate drawer from those for the adult books.

The same size and quality of card may be used for both shelf list and catalog. Cat. no. 33025 for the typewriter is much used, or Cat. no. 33022 ruled for handwriting. In estimating the number of cards needed for the shelf list, allow one card for each volume in the library, though only one card is required for a work in two or more volumes. (See second sample shelf -list card.)

The shelf-list cards should be typewritten and show:

  • Class number in upper left corner.
  • Author's surnname (at first vertical line) followed by a comman and initials
  • On the next line below (at second vertical line) short title of the book, taken from the title-page
  • Date of publication, or last copright date for a classed book, written three speaces frrom the end of the title (Omit date for fiction)
  • Accession numnber at the left, two spaces below the last line of the title.
  • Copy numbers, if more htan one copy
  • Notes of withdrawal are added, also volumnes when thee are more than one, as indicate.

Shelf-list guides

Numerous guide cards showing the important class numbers and subjects which they represent are necessary in the shelf list in order to facilitate its use. These may be procured in buff stock, already printed, with celluloided tabs which are durable and save the time of printing by hand. Guides showing the ten main classes of the decimal classification ( Cat. no. 43110SL) may be purchased first. This set may be supplemented by a larger set of guides representing 100 additional important classes ( Cat. no. 431100SL) if needed.

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