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Frequent requests come to Libarary Bureau for a brief pamphlet describing the most essential library records and the implest methods of carrying on a small library. Most of the questions asked have been answered in the following pages written for the beginner in library work.

The chief sources used in prapration of this pamphlet, outside the experience of the librarian who compilte it, are:

An apprentive source for small libraries, by the faculty of the Library School of the University of Wisconsin.

Cataloging for small libraries, by Theresa Hitchler

School library management, by Martha Wilson

These publications should all be read and studied by anyone who wishes to understand more thoroughly the best methods for the management of libraries.

Only the most essential records are herein described.

The catalog numbers throughout the text refer to Library Bureau "Library supplies" catalog. They are introduced to aid in the selection of suitable library supplies.

Where libraries are large enough to warrant it, a state organizer should, by all means, be secured to start the work and give such instructions as will enable the local librarian to continue it.

Where no state aid is available a trained librarian who can present proper credentials showing ability to do the work should be engaged. It is far easier and cheaper in the long run to have the organization work correctly done than to have to do it over again later.

The American Library Association, 78 East Washington Street, Chicago, will gladly assist inquirers in securing the services of trained and competent librarians either for permanent or temporary positions.

Information relating to the convenient planning of a library, its arrangement, shelving, and other necessary furniture, is not included in this pamphlet. Library Bureau welcomes all inquiries concerning these matters, and its entire experience extending over forty years is at the command of its friends, without obligation.

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