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Accession record

THIS is considered the first and most important business record. It usually consists of a consecutively numbered list of all bound books in the library. It is in book form, ruled to show author, title, publisher (as these items are given on the title- page, not on the outside of the book) . It has space, also, to show whether it is a gift or purchase, the cost, and notes of rebinding or withdrawal. Only one volume (even of a set) is entered on a line. The number of this line becomes the accession number, and is entered in the book itself in ink on the lower left-hand corner of the right-hand page following the title-page, one inch from the edge

The condensed accession book (Cat. no. 1059 or no. 1057) answers the need of the usual library. The introduction to this accession book fully explains its use, and it is wise to read this carefully before beginning work.

A loose leaf accession sheet (Cat. no. 1600), similar in ruling to the above, and designed for the typewriter, is used by some because of the saving in time. Others are discarding the book record in favor of a simple sheet, called the "Classified record of additions and withdrawals" (Cat. no. 1605) used in connection with the shelf list. Information concerning the latter plan for accessioning may be found in Library Bureau "Library supplies" catalog, but it is not commonly recommended for the inexperienced librarian.

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