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THE requirement of a guarantor for adults has been quite generally discontinued in the smaller towns. In some of the larger cities none is required for adults who may be identified in the city directory or who come with a note of introduction from another borrower, or an employer. For children under high- school age the parent's or guardian's name is still

Application cards (Cat. no. 1123) bearing the borrower's signature, his address, and a pledge to obey the rules, are numbered consecutively and kept on file at the library, alphabetized by the borrower's name. A sample is shown which is properly filled out, ready to file in the application file. The prefix J before the borrower's number may be used to distinguish the children's cards from the adults'. It is more expensive to use different forms for adults and children, and it is not necessary when the letter J is used.

A numerical registration record gives the borrower's name. It is needed in determining who has a given book charged to a certain number, and in sending out fine notices. This record is kept either in a ruled book (Cat. no. 1087) which has consecutively numbered lines, or on cards which are numbered and filed consecutively. The latter method is recommended, and card No. 33110P may be used. This card should show the following items:

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