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COMING SOON: The sometimes bizarre and humerous rules of “polite society”, from when to tip your hat to the complex language of flowerst.

1920 Table Service1920: Setting the perfect table, serving the perfect meal, and hiring the perfect servants - in one simple volume.

Household Management IN PROGRESS: Victorian household management, and some more modern hints and tips for a pantry, housecleaning, and other weirdness.

Library OrganizationA basic introduction to small library organizeion - classifying, preparing, storing and cataloging. Want to know the coding system?

1907 Travel ItinerariesUniversal Routes for travel - from 1907, covering trips in Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America, and world tours. What was the "must see" in 1907?

Wine Tasting 1892Classification, Tasting, and a very long-winded desription of the 'defects' of wine with extensive references. A wee bit ponpous, but still very applicable for wine-lovers.

1899 Home-Study Violin CourseA complete reproduction of an 1899 play-by-mail violin course, including all notation, exercises, and illustrations. Most music in ABC format, as wel (in progress)