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Cleaning your house

I have no idea where I found this - I just ran across notes in one of my many notebooks with the highlighted title "And I'd have time?". This is a schedule and outline of how to clean your house.

Quite obviously, it assumes that there is a housewife at home 24hrs a day, like Mrs. Cleaver - I think this goes along with the instructions to a young wife that included "freshen your lipstick before your husband comes home, because he wants to see a fresh, lovely wife", and "don't tell him about the little things in your day, he has worked a long day and doesn't want to be bothered with them" or somesuch nonesense.

Get a grip.

But, they are good for a [slighly hysterical] laugh...

Schedule for the week...

Monday Launder. Hang clothes. Iron plain clothes directly from the line.
Tuesday Iron remaining clothes.
Wednesday Do mending by machine, or other sewing. Clean silver. Collect clothes to send to the dry cleaner.
Thursday Upstairs general cleaning. Prepare guest rooms, defrost and clean the fridge. Plan meals for weekend.
Friday General cleaning. Market for food to take advantage of weekend sales.
Saturday Clean kitchen and porch. Bake and prepare food for Sunday.

Just a note - I can't even remember the last time I ironed. And clean the silver? Yikes!

Cleaning downstairs rooms

Daily Dusting dust hardwood floors and all surfaces daily.
Weekly cleaning Remove all bric a brac to another room to be cleaned, replace books, records, etc to their racks.
Remove pictures from the room.
Hang out small rugs and cushions.
Shut the room off from the rest of the house and open a window to air.

Clean between the radiator fins with a brush.
Brush down the walls and ceiling, and the window blinds.
Bring in all cleaning equipment.
Vacuum the rugs and furniture.
Polish or wax the wooden furniture.
Wash glass.
Straighten rooms and bring back in cleaned bric a brac and pictures.

Every two weeks,
do a single room
Remove draperies and hang to air.
Clean lighter curtains.
Clean out the fireplace
Dry clean the future, polish the woodwork.
Dust walls and ceilings.
Waxing window sills, lineoleum, painted walls.
Vacuum the rug, roll it up, vacuum under it, then reverse the rug and vacuum again. When finally in place, vacuum again.


Daily cleaningOpen the windows and close the door, turn back the bedclothes to the end of the bed to air out. Straighten up the room, then make the bed.
Weekly cleaningAir the bedding and the pillows. Remove the soiled bedding, dresser covers, and curtais. Remove small items to clean. Turn the mattress and remake the bed.
Monthly cleaning Have all blankets, counterpanes, quilts, etc, laundered. Clean the matress on both sides with the vacuum. Air the pillows outside in the shade.


Daily cleaning Keep well ventilated. Clean fixtures daily.


Daily cleaning Wet mop the floor. Clean countertops.
Weekly cleaning Refidgerators must be cleaned once a week.
Wash and scald te cake and bread boxes each week.
Monthly cleaning Scrub floor once a week
Remove stains from woodwork
Brush down walls and ceiling
Wash windows and curtains as needed. Keep light bulbs clean
Clean one cupboard each month. Clean one drawer each month.

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