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t r a v e l    c h e c k l i s t

12-3 months before

  • make plane reservations
  • buy guidebooks
  • start developing itinerary
  • inquire about hotel rates and make reservations
  • obtain health certificate

4 months before

  • have passport photos taken
  • find out about car rentals
  • begin learning the language

3 months before

  • apply for passport
  • make medical appointments

2 months before

  • call/write tourist boards
  • make a packing list
  • examine insurance policies
  • buy new shoes

1 months before

  • order foreign currency (50-100)
  • get seat assignments
  • fill prescriptions
  • make plans to board pets, manage house

2 weeks before

  • double check reservations

1 week before

  • pick up tickets and travellers checks
  • discontinue deliveries
  • inform police that you are leaving

3 days before

  • reconfirm international flights
  • pick up tickets, if you haven't
  • gather items for packing

2 days before

  • last minute medical

1 day before

  • pack
  • reconfirm flights

3 hours before

  • check if flight is on time
  • arrive at airport and check in

half hour before

  • arrive at gate
  • set watch to destination time

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