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Cº Clare
nr. the Burren
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the much-larger stones, still dry-stacked

Near Cahermacnaughton is another Bronze Age stone fort, made of stacked stone in a huge circle. We were just wandering around the Burren (which is pretty damn eerie, if you ask me) and saw this marked on a map. I can't find a whit of information about it anywhere except it's name -- it's on the map, but none of the guidebooks, nor even the usualy-reliable Google can find anything about it. I assume it's because the name is spelled in umpteen different ways, but it's still a bit frustrating.

not much remains of the tall walls

This ring fort, as compared to some of the others (notablye Staigue or Cahergall) is made of much larger, square stones. They are still stacked together with no mortar, but hte walls appear to be build in layers and sort of filled with earth before more stones are added. The walls are much lower, as well, but are immensely thick. There is, again, one entry into the large circle, but little inside to see.

climbing over the stone walls to get to the entrance of the fort

signs of other, much larger walls and structures in the grass around the fort

This was a strange site -- walking around the ringfort revealed that there were buried stones everywhere -- most just pushing up through the turf randomly, but in some places, it looked like aother structures or walls were under the grass.

caherdaniel fort
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