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Cº WIcklow

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travelogue, 5.04

we'd like a house right there at the end of the lough

Lough Tay is a stunning sight. Located on the WIcklow Way (and bordered by a truly stupendous drive). Even on an overcast day, the lough is gorgeous. Mark noted that he really wanted to have a house just right there, on that green bit at the end of the lake. There are pull-off areas and car parks along the drive, and we ditched the car and walked fo ra bit on the hillside.

stupendous views over the lough

We drove around the main road through the Wicklow mountains -- and had a good laugh that the road is ostensibly a two-lane road (it even had a dividing line!) but is barely 10' wide. We spent most of the drive trailing "The Mystery Bus", which bounced along the narrow roads at breakneck speeds.

lough toomore
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