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Cº Antrim

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sheep sleeping in the road

WIth so many adorable lamblets frolicking around Ireland, you're bound to run into a few in odd places. We were trundling along the coast road in Antrim and came across these two lambs, basking on the warm road. We had to get out and shoo them along t avoid hitting them.

We seem to visit the UK during lambing season (which means, at least for me, that I can't eat lamb). We were on the western coast, looking for a ruined castle and ended up quite literally in the middle of a farmyard. We got out to figure out where we were and see if the castle was visible from the road when a lamb came bounding over the stone wall, raced over to Mark and flung itself at his feet. It was so excited to see him, boucing around and wagging it's little wooly tail.

Mark, nonplussed, carefuly set it back over the fence, where mama sheep was bleating like mad. Floop! Back over the fence, rubbing itself in a fenzy of happy baa-ing around Mark's legs. It took three tries to get the lamb back intot he pasture and escape to the car.

We figured it out later -- only after seeing someone bottlefeeding a lamb. The little guy must have been bottle-fed, so a tall person getting out of a car meant FOOD. We laughed ourselves silly.


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