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Cº Donegal

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Malin to Mizen

Looking out to sea at Malin Head

As part of our trip, we did try to visit the northernmost, southermost, westernmost and easternmost spots of Ireland. Malin Head is the most northerly point on the Irish mainland There isn't much here except an abandoned signal post from the 19th century and a lot of interesting rocks. It has a wildness to it that the south and east just can't match.

The rocky coastline and surf, Malin Head

It was blustery the day we drove out here, and for a while we just sat in the car and hoped the wind and rain would pass -- but if you did that in Ireland inthe Spring, you'd spend all your time inside and never see the best sites. So, bundling up against the wind, we traipsed up the hill and wandered on the rocky shore. Not too close, mind you -- I was worrie dabout getting blown out to sea -- but the rock formations here are very interesting. Like a lot of the places we visited, there wasn't as single soul around as we visited.

People spell out their names and other slogans in the white stones

Weather reports have been reported for this spot since 1870 and are still included in local radio stations. The stretch of beaches here is called FIve Fingers Strand. YOu can walk along the beach, but the wind and surf are ferocious even on a good day.

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