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Al Nasir Mosque

This mosque lies in the grounds of the Citadel, and is one of the few medieval remains on the site. This mosque is also calleed the Mosque of Ibn Qaloun, al-Nasir's father. The mosque was built between 1318 and 1335 by the Mamluke rulers of Cairo. The corkscrew minarets are probably of asian influence.

Selim the Grim (a ruler in Turkey) took all of the marble panelling back to Turkey, so the courtyard looks pretty rough. THe arches are supported by pharaonic and classic columns that were cannablilized from other buildings. There is beautiful tiling and faience work on the domes of the minarets.


Behind the mosque is a blocked alley that leads to Yussef's Well, which leads down 97 mters to the level of the Nile. It was dug by prisoners 1176-1182.

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