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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Aaibmerytawy
Nebty Name Qenu
Golden Horus Name Sehetepnetjeru
Praenomen Khenemmaatre "Justice is the Heart of Re"
Nomen Hakor
Manetho Achoris
King Lists  
Alternate Names Akhoris, Hakor
Dates what's this?
von beckerath, dodson 393-380
Predecessor Nepherites or usurper Psammuthis
Successor Nepherites II
Associated People
Father Nepherites I
Son Nepherites II
Burial Place
Chapel at Karnak
Hypostyle Hall, Temple of Neckhbet, ek-Kaab
Kiosk, Medinet Habu

Some chronologies list Hakoris as the second king of the 29th Dynasty, ignoring the possibly one year reign of the usurper Psammuthis and possibly Hernebkha. Their rules overlap, although this may be because they ruled in different regions and Psammuthis was a rival for a short time before Hakoris removed him.

During his rule, there was peace between Persia and Sparta, which allowed Persia to turn their eye back to Egypt. Hakoris allied with Cyprus and with a strong army (partially made up of Athenian regulars who had deserted from the army) repelled the invaders in 385 BCE. As a result, Egypt was re-established as an independent political entity.

Hakoris took advantage of the relative piece of the rest of his reign to embark on building projects, including a chapel at Karnak, hypostyle hall in el-Kaab, a kiosk at Medinet Habu, and other structures in Mendes, SAqqara, and Elephantine.



Nepherites I

Nepherites II