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  psammuthis/hernebkha Muthis  


Two kings are thought to have filled the gap between the first king of the 29th Dynasty, Nepherites, and Hakoris. The usurper Psammuthis took the throne for a year or two, but another king, Hernebkha Muthis also reigned during this time.

Hernebkha Muthis

reigned 393-391
Probably a son of Nepherites I and may have ruled concurrently with Psammuthis. Manetho mentions him between Nepherites and Hakoris.


nomen Pasherienmut "Child of the Goddess Mut"
reigned 392-390
von beckerath 393 or 392
dodson 393

Psammuthis was an usurper of the throne from Nepherites and was probably a regent in Upper Egypt. He was a rival to Hakoris for the throne. He may have been able to keep the throne for a year or so before Hakoris regained it. He is known from inscriptions at Karnak and Saqqara.




Nepherites I

Nepherites II