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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name Khaemwaset
Nebty Name  
Golden Horus Name  
Praenomen Seqenenre, "Who Strikes like Re"
Nomen Thot-aa, Tao, Ta'a
Dates what's this?
piccione 1591-1576
dodson, ryholt 1558-1554
franke until 1545
Predecessor Father Tao I out of Queen Tetisheri
Successor Son, Kamose
Associated People
Father Tao I
Mother Queen Tetisheri
Son Kamose, Ahmose
Daughter Ahmose-Nefertiri
Burial Place
unknown, probably a saff-tomb in Draa Abu el-Naga

Tao II is one of the few pharoahs in this dynasty who broke with the Hyksos rulers int he rest of Egypt. Tao II is best known as the pharaoh who fought with Apophis over an implied insult -- Apophis complained that the hippos in the royal pool kept him awak (from several hundred miles away!) and Tao regarded this as an insult.. He marched to fight with Apophis -- but he was killed almost immediately.

His military campaign was not successful and he died in the first year of the battles. His mummy was found in thebes, and suffered from blows from battle axes, spears, and lances. HIs ribs, back, and skull were fractured.

When he died, his son Kamose took over the leadership of the army and led them to victory ove rthe hyksos pharaohs, and opened up the way for the New kingdom.



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