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Titulary what's this?
Horus Name unknown
Nebty Name unknown
Golden Horus Name unknown
Praenomen Seakhtre "Perpetuated like Re"
Nomen Thot-aa
King Lists  
Alternate Names Taa, Ta'a, Siamun
Dates what's this?
  reigned < 1 year
piccione 1596 -- 1591 BCE
Predecessor Inyotef VI
Successor son,Tao II
Associated People
Son Tao II
Wife Queen Tetisheri
Burial Place
unknown, probably Thebes

Tao I is also known as Taa, or Ta;a and a few egyptologiests assign him the nomen Siamun, which leads some chronologies to include a number of different "kings" that may in fact be the same pharaoh. it's quite possible that there was only one king with the name Tao and it was his successor, Tao II who is very well attested.

This Tao ruled onl for about a year, which may be why so little remains about him. He probably ruled around 1559 -- 1558 BCE or so.

Only a fee artifacts remain for this king -- a stamp-seal forund at Dra Aby el-Naga (proably where he is buried), his throne name written in a cartouche on an offering table in Thebes, and a relief of him from a tomb in Thebes that was probably carved after his death. Other than this, no details of his reign exist.



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