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0800-1600 daily
£E18 entry fee
(includes 2 mastabas
and temple)

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144 m square
65 m high

64km (40 miles) south
of Giza
80 km south of Memphis

0800-1600 daily
£E18 entry fee
(includes 2 mastabas
and temple)

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Pyramid of Maidum

The top of the pyramid
looking up at the very top layer, now destroyed, of Maidum

It is assumed that the pyramid was actually finished -- some evidence shows that the top of the pyramid, the smallest layer, didn't appear complete. However, early explorers climbing to the top of the tower found a deep hole in the top, which was assumed to hold a sighting pole to allow the builders to shape the pyramid correctly.

Clayton, in Complete Pyramids, states that Sneferu abandoned building Madium to move on to the Bent and Red pyramids, and only returned to Maidum after his later projects were completed. This pokes a few holes in the theory that the Bent Pyramid was changed as a result of the catastrophic failure of the pyramid here. The slope of the lower part of the Bent Pyramid is the same as the calculated angle of Maidum.

low ceilinged chamber leading to the burial chamber

There is a 30 meter stairway to enter the pyramid, which is a long, narrow tunnel into the single burial chamber (Mark agrees with Rough Guide and Footprint, which recommend bringing a "torch" -- that's a flashlight to us Americans). Entry used to be via a ledge above the entrance, where tourists were hoisted over and dropped down before climbing in. A bit less exciting now.

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