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"Spend enough time confirming the need,
and the need will go away"
- Beancounter Creed

Actually doing the work yourself -- Sequence of Renovation

  1. planning - wish lists, rough sketches, hold initial discussions with architects and contractors,
  2. obtain preliminary financing, get ballpark estimates
  3. Obtain permits - if you will be living in the house while working, obtain necessary occupancy permits and work permits
  4. Plan - make lists of materials, meet with architects, contractors
  5. Clean up - clean out debris and add rough weatherproofing to holes
  6. secure the building
  7. install temporary amenities such as electrical, chem toilets, hook up utilities
  8. do major structural work in basement - masonry, water problems, wooden underpinnings
  9. demolish walls, ceiling, floors
  10. frame structural carpentry
  11. attend to roof
  12. do weatherproofing and exterior work
  13. erect interior walls and curtain walls
  14. rough out heating, plumbing, electrical
  15. finish wall and ceiling surfaces
  16. install underlayment for finish floors install tile floors
  17. set plumbing and radiators, electrical
  18. tape drywall
  19. install cabinetry
  20. paint and wallpaper
  21. replace and repair trim
  22. finish floors
  23. complete misc. carpentry

Kitchen Remodeling

The Critical Path in construction
  1. Demolition and removal of the old kitchen: 1 day to 1 week
  2. Demolition of walls and removal of debrius: 3 days to 1 week
  3. Removal of existing flooring to be replaced: 1-3 days
  4. Construction of addition (if required)
    • Excavation of new foundation: 1 week
    • Pouring new foundation: 1 week
    • Drying: 2-4 weeks
    • Framing new areas: 3-4 weeks
  5. Roughing in plumbing and electrical: 2-3 days
  6. Sheetrocking for all new walls: 2-3 weeks
  7. Instllation fo new flooring:
    • wood: 3-6 days c
    • eramic: 3-4 days
    • vinyl: 1-2 days
  8. Delivery and Installation of new cabinets: 3days to 2 weeks
  9. Installation of countertops: 2-5 days
  10. FInishing plumbing and electrical hookups:3-5 days
  11. TGrimming of windows and doors: 2 days to 1 week
  12. installation of wall covering: 1 week
  13. Cleanup: 1-3 days
  14. Final walkthrough and isntallation of furniture: 1-2 days

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